September 12, 2017

Vehicle owners assistant

Vehicles require periodic service/maintenance and peripheral tasks to keep them running.  Additionally, assistance incase of emergencies such as roadside breakdowns, accidents also factor in . As an automaker, how can digital intervention help better serve customers in maintaining vehicles?

Defining a framework

The Automaker wanted to enhance the experience of owning vehicles beyond good service at dealerships. To better serve the customer, an application was recommended that would manage all tasks and be mobile-accessible. Tasks such as periodic service/maintenance, upgrading accessories, fuel cost calculators etc were derived from the customer aftersales journey.


Pain Points

Status updates

Even with the facility of booking a service online, there was no indication of  progress or status of the vehicle.

Emergency situations

Although customer care facilitated road side assistance, the absence of GPS tracking made the wait time for customer in stress longer.

Holistic view

Owner details and documentation were missing as was a consolidated view of all past services rendered. There was no single platform that could cater to both


From vehicle ownership receipt, to service records, there was no single touchpoint for managing documentation.


Task Completion time

The average time spent on accomplishing a task.

Success Rate

Attempts vs correctly completed tasks


Holistic Overview for all documentation and owner details

Documentation for all required services, general registration

Service Status tracking in real time with frequent updates and notifications

GPD enabled road side assistance for tracking arrival time and location


With such a broad gamut of features within the application and given the audience base throughout the country, video walkthroughs were presented to educate the consumers about features and highlights.