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April 20, 2017

Dealership CRM

With emphasis on customer experience and increasing competition, dealerships are now integrating CRMs with existing DMS to better capture and serve leads, manage customer expectations and analyse sales efforts. For an automaker in the heavy vehicles space where orders are greater (fleet) with extended purchase time and complex financing, a CRM needs to account for all such requirements and deliver insights to management in the form of reports and forecast.

How would such a digital intervention manage leads and peripheral tasks?

Defining a framework

Heavy vehicle sales are riddled with fleet orders, extended purchase time and complex financing. In such scenarios, the CRM needs to not only manage leads, but also and preserve context of the vehicle order configuration, EMI calculations and finance applications. Providing a single platform that would cater to the entire sales journey and process documentation was the need of the hour.


Pain Points

Data Entry

Capturing lead details and gathering requirements demanded extra efforts as earlier sales execs were prone to paperwork.

Sales Funnel overview

For insights to be drawn, the dashboard needed to reflect the sales pipeline with actual and target figures.

Documentation management

From pro formas to credit application, documentation is an integral part of the service provided.

Vehicle configurators

Creating opportunities from accounts required keeping sales items configured as per request from customers. At times, given the time taken for a sales to convert, there would be updates to the original demand that needed to be recorded.


Task Completion time

The average time spent on accomplishing a given task.

Usability scale

8 factors surveyed on a 5 point scale

Success Rate

Attempts vs correctly completed tasks


Leads management made convenient through tracking and updating sales stage 

Sales Funnel movement for on-going and upcoming opportunities within accounts

Credit application for customers to help them with finance terms and transactions

Follow up communication with customers with tracking and scheduling abilities

Dashboard for sales reps to have an overview of activities and reminders for daily tasks 


With the help of peripheral task tools (EMI calculators, credit applications) the conversions of a lead to a potential buyer could be tracked throughout the sales cycle.