January 4, 2019

Pre-schools management

With the rise of digitisation amongst K12 schools to better connect parents with teachers and manage day-to-day operations, school management - ERP solutions have come forward. These solutions help schools and institutes position themselves as premium service providers in the education market.

Our client wanted to target small to medium sized pre-schools and daycare facilities with a product that would not only help with resource planning, but also help these brands grow. What would such a framework look like?

Defining a framework

In essence this product is an ERP combined with an LMS, meaning the administrator handles staff and operations on one hand and manages leads on the other. We identified 3 key stakeholders who would leverage the solution via different platforms. The school administrator would access this through a desktop, the teacher through a mobile and desktop and finally the parent via a mobile.


Pain Points

Onboarding & Training

For the administrator to get acquainted with the framework, a series of on-boarding tutorials and in-person training sessions need to be done. This would be an additional cost which would need to be marginalized for most of the customers in the target segment (small-medium sized brands). Intuitive UX would ensure these costs are low.

Keeping parents updated

With the first release, keeping parents updated with their child’s activities would be a manual task for teachers. The backend would push the daily timetable to a class teacher, who in turn would  validate the activities and update parents. From an operation's perspective, this task of validating a student’s activities might prove disruptive.


Success Rate

Attempts vs correctly completed tasks.

Usability scale

8 unique factors surveyed on a scale of 5 points (strongly agree - strongly disagree).


Value proposition for the framework.

The school admin’s dashboard. Curriculum screen: defining the daily routine for a class section

Activity updates. The teacher app validates on the left and the parent’s app gets notified on the right in real time.

Instant updates/ inteactions : for tasks that are not part of the timetable. Here, changing a child’s diaper from a teacher’s  assigned student list


Parent - Teacher communication is dictated by a school’s management policies and rules. From the digitisation perspective, keeping working parents/ guardians updated with their child’s progress is all about validation from teachers.