Mobile + Web
April 18, 2018

Travel Management

Processing travel requests within organisations requires coordination between departments while adhering to protocols and guidelines (spending budget, traveling reasons, eligibility etc ).

The client wanted a complete overhaul of their existing travel management module to ensure processing requests becomes more efficient. Additionally, being a part of their existing employee portal, a redesign that would scale to all upcoming modules and dashboards was also demanded.

Defining a framework

Since this was a redesign exercise, on analysis it was discovered that due to varying privileges, when it came to performing tasks, workflows were fragmented with myopic overviews. This in turn affected the processing time for managers and administrators. Additional, accessibility was also limited as the portal only supported desktop view.


Pain Points

Functionality over utility

Tasks had several redirections and inconsistent work flows. which would resolve issues, but remain completely utilitarian.

Ambiguous Intent

With the lack of a coherent workflow, the narrative of the interface failed to communicate the desired intent of screens.

Myopic overviews

The collective Information displayed on the dasboards was fragmented with poor use of real estate leading to repetitive information within modules (ie the overview info would repeat within modules). All this amounted to an overview that would make gathering insights painful.


Usability scale

5 points scale survey between 8 factors

Task Completion time

The average time spent on accomplishing a given task.

Success Rate

Attempts vs correctly completed tasks


To fast-track creating and managing requests, the interface was bifurcated into distinct sections. Broadly, the left would be utilised to create while the right section would be for reviewing and responding to enquiries, tasks and reports.

Bifurcated modules for clarity and faster processing

Quick action modules  for frequent tasks that could, fast track the workflow

UI Design Patterns that would easily scale across all existing and upcoming modules within the portal.

Responsive cards for accessibility and mobile reporting


Raising travel requests, claiming reimbursements are contextual to project costs. Controlling costs so as not over spend, entries made anywhere within the portal should validate the eligible amount (depending on role and location) and live track the budget spend. This feature has been strongly recommended for the next iteration.